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Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Let Down My Guard

Good morning:

It is a rainy Sunday in Nashville and what better time than to share a story and a link with you.

I was at my Mom's on Friday and was starving.  I went to her pantry and she had some honey-roasted peanuts (but only like 4 in the jar - why she didn't finish them or throw away I do not know).  I read the label, all was good, but hey, 4 peanuts did not curb the hunger.  So she had a new jar of Dry Roasted peanuts - I did not read the label - so stupid on my part.  I was really starving. 

So I popped a few in my mouth and within seconds I felt my blood pressure dropping and my tongue started minor swelling.  I ran and looked at the jar and at the bottom of the ingredients list "Gelatin".  Why on earth would Gelation be in peanuts?  So I ran to my car and grabbed a Zyrtec, 2 steroids and my Epi-Pen.  I took the Zyrtec and the steroids and sat with the Epi-Pen ready to go.  It was scary! I have been so good and so Diligent in my efforts to not have another attack.

Well I probably pushed it but I did not want to go to the hospital - it took over an hour for things to start settling down and I walked around with the Epi-Pen in my pocket all day just in case.  If the gelatin had been closer to the top of the ingredients list there is no doubt I would have been in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

So lesson learned - never stop reading labels and paying attention to what you are eating!

Also I was featured in a story about "Alpha Gal" on the "Today" show over the weekend.  Here is the link

Stay Safe and Eat Well!

Have a great Sunday - September